Vaughn Micciche


Where's home for you?

How is it that I'm stumped on the first question?! ha -- I grew up on a farm in southern PA, so really that's always home but lately I've been living and racing with my wife out of a truck built for overlanding and an old 1970's erra sail boat.

Describe your setup.

Racing DH, Enduro, XC, and taking a crack this season at cyclocross for some winter training it's hard to answer this question too! All my steeds are from Santa Cruz Bicycles and have killer rear suspension and headsets from Cane Creek, Responsive wheels from IndustryNine, and tires from Maxxis.

What are your top 3 favorite places to ride/race?

Hands down favorite place to ride is southern France, My favorite place to race xc is a little known state forest in PA called Michaux because it's just plane brutal and the racing is all single lap, It's hard to pick a favorite DH/Enduro venue because I end up enjoying different aspects of each track -- so I'm picking the Eastern States Cup Enduro series for the vibe and well built/run events.

What are a few of your interests outside of mountain biking?

If it involves adventure, creativity, and that feeling of freedom, I'm probably into it.. Overlanding, Sailing, fishing, snowboarding, I could probably list 20 or more here...

What's at the top of your trail bucket list?

Right now my curiosity is peaked by Pisgah down in NC. Hoping to make it there for a few days to experience what everyone's been talking about first hand.