Customer Testimonials

This tool is returning to the market and I am so relieved. I have been unable to get more plugs for some time now and am glad to see its return. I once fixed a flat with it while on my way to church. I had it in my glove box and felt like a hero with out even getting my clothes dirty. It also gives me the feeling of not damaging the tire with the repair process. The effort required to get back on the road is CONFIDANTLY EASY, even a girl or boy could do it, with a little guidance on the phone.

If you can use a Dynaplug rep in this area, please send me out to place them in stores and shops. I am a retired Railroad worker. I feel like a magician with this trick in my glove box.

Dale W.

I have used the Dynaplug for quite a few years and have found it to be the simplest, fastest and best product available. I recently had to plug a tire as the result of a nail puncture, which I for see happening frequently in the near future as we currently moved to a new housing development and nails on the roadways seem to be common place. While I was showing my daughter and a friend, who are both Girl Scouts, how to maintain a vehicle and change/repair a tire so they could earn a badge, I realized I was running low on plugs. Can you provide information on how I can order more plugs, as well as the whole kit, since they would make excellent gifts. I cannot remember where I originally bought my kit, but I have not seen them anywhere that I have visited lately.

Jeff M.

I've been using Dynaplug for a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg time and I've repaired on the order of 20 flats over the years for myself, family and friends. I've never run into a situation where it didn't work, even for a "three-plugger" from a lag bolt. It's a great product. Only recently I fixed a flat using one of an original lot of plugs I purchased when they were still packaged as a little clump inside a small plastic bag. It's holding just fine.

Best Regards,

Congratulations and thank you for continuing Dynaplug! I have been waiting and waiting some more hoping some individual or company would continue this fabulous product. I have repaired so many tires myself and saved so much time with this product. It is one tool that I have benefited from more than any other.

I saw your advertisement on Two Guys Garage and about jumped out of my chair, I couldn't believe it. I just ran down and purchased the four pack of tire repair plugs. They are like little rare nuggets of gold and I can't wait to dump the lot of em into my Dynaplug tool knowing I'm set and crazily even hoping to get a puncture now so I can use it. Without a doubt, because I know how awesome these plugs work. They make the tire as good as new and the life of the tire isn't compromised even the slightest. I just recently purchased a Hummer, not an H2 or H3, but the real H1 Hummer, the original. It has CTIS and run flat tires. It gives me piece of mind no doubt, but it honestly doesn't give me as much knowledge that I will get home as now having a complete Dynaplug kit. My Hummer will get home with runflats, but the tire will be ruined and 39" tires are a bundle at almost $300 and then my tires will be mismatched. Now I know I've got runflats and a way to fix the flat getting me home with a fail safe and a perfectly good tire thanks to Dynaplug and AM General. Even better, with the Hummers on board air and Dynaplug, I can get anybody stranded on the road going again. And that is what life is all about...helping each other. A simple tool like Dynaplug makes that happen and you feel like a hero every time. You don't have to drive by wishing you could help the poor individuals stranded on the side of the road knowing you could help but would be soiled on your way to work. You can help them and help them fast and clean in literally 5 minutes. Its great and what a way to make yours and someone else's day, turning a horrible situation into a blessed one.

I do a lot of off road rock crawling in a 1974 International Scout and carrying a spare is a must. It is good to be prepared but the best preparation for the wilderness and the one thing making my spare virtually obsolete is my Dynaplug kit. I can't say enough about the product. It is simply awesome and I recommend to anyone who doesn't want to be stranded, inconvenienced, or put in danger, but would rather save money, save time, be in control, help a flat tire victim and feel great about themselves and how smart they are to buy the Dynaplug Tool.

A customer for life,

Dr. Don P.

PS I'll send pictures of any Dynaplug adventures as soon as the opportunity arises.





I'm glad you are able to offer the Dynaplug again. I have been using it since it started and right now I have only one plug left. My tool is in good shape, so can I buy the plugs only? I look forward to being able to recommend this system to friends and family again.
Gregg D.

I was wondering when the outlook of Dynaplug will be hitting the market. I bought a set up years ago. When I tried to get parts, the store stopped handling it. I checked on the web and heard that it was no more. The Dynaplug works great!!!! I am glad to see that it will be back on the market again. Is there anyway to let me know when and where I can buy the whole thing . I live in Baltimore , Maryland and there was 1 store close that did sell it. No one has heard of it before so I'm trying to get the word out also. If there is a way to let me know, I would be grateful. Sign a future stockholder in your product. Can't wait, and this made my day finding this on the web. Thanks again for taking the time in this matter.

Rick S.

Dear Sirs,

Dynaplug is the best plug tool and system I have ever used and I still have the tool I knew it was to good not to come back on the market. I work construction where I am always getting nails or screws stuck in my tires and I hate the idea of trying to push those big plugs through my tire. And if you’re looking for sales people to help get it back into the market I sure would like to be part of it, because construction is taking its toll on me So please let me know.

Sincerely Yours,

David L. K

I have 2 DYNAPLUG tools and several years ago, while still in Los Angeles (now in Chicago ). I purchased several packs of refill plugs on clearance from the TRAK auto parts chain (which went out of business then) and I want to know where can I order these products from an authorized dealer or buy direct from a local store near me . This is an excellent product that I do not want to live without.... a very simple and effective application. Thank you from responding to customers demand and concern to bring this product back on the market.

Perez A. Nichols

I have had a Dynaplug tool for years and I bought several sets of plugs when I bought the tool. I have repaired many many tires. I am down to my last 2 plugs and I would like to purchase replacement plugs but I cannot find them anywhere. Please let me know where I can find more plugs to purchase.


Gary A.

I've used this product years ago when working for NYC DEP and we all thought it was great. I would like to order several Dynaplugs. Could you provide a price list and or a catalog of all your products?

Thank You,

F Cassano (maintenance engineer)

Where / How can I get one and how much is the cost for the basic unit and additional plugs? History of this product is favorable among BMW long distance "adventure motorcyclists". Am heading for the Arctic Ocean above Prudhoe Bay , AK from Florida and I think I'll need one.


Do you have any availability of replacement plugs today? Fortunately, I have some spare plugs, but my brother is completely out -- and he has two cars!

(When I found Dynaplug I immediately bought one for me, one for my brother,and one for my father. Over several years we have each had the opportunity to use it more than once -- so now we're looking for replacement plug(s)

Dave M.

The Dynaplugs work great on everything from cars to riding lawnmowers. I think i plugged a tire for everyone on our block. I am looking forward to getting replacement plugs. When I purchased the Dynaplug from Herrington i bought extra plugs, wish i had bought many more. Thanks again, looking forward to having my favorite tire repair tool working again.

Charles D.


Came home from working interstate to find that my order had arrived - Thanks Guys. It will be a "Don't leave home without it" item in my kit. Since I'm putting stickers of the various products on my panniers, I was wondering if you would care to post a sticker to be included in the collection (it only includes products that I'm using and am happy with). I do realize that this would be an expense for you, but I would happily carry a small advert on my machine. We don't see your product in our shops and this may be a way to help you get noticed in Oz..
Best regards,


Dear Dynaplug:

Thank you for such a GREAT product. I have now used it twice with fantastic results. Once on a Honda Valkyrie (MC) and one on a Dodge Ram (Truck).Both times worked fast, easy and hold air at 100%. Well done guys!!!!

Ski in Austin, TX