The Meerkat T-Shirt
Dynaplug® Racer

Legend has it that The Meerkat transcended the space time continuum, crossing interplanetary dimensions, in a quest to become the earth's number one spirit animal! Or something like that. Blah, blah... Anyways, this amazing, furry little fellow will change your life (we do not guarantee this statement). Let everyone know The Meerkat is your spirit animal! All Hail The Meerkat!

Oh, and you may or may not want to know about the shirt. It's 50% cotton and 50%TENCEL™ Modal. What is TENCEL™ Modal??? I don't really know but according to the manufacturer, its fibers are mainly manufactured from the renewable source of raw material beech wood, sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries. The material exhibits a smooth surface area, giving fabrics a soft feel and ensuring comfort for sensitive skin. It's very svelte. The Meerkat wears one every day! Ok, maybe he doesn't wear clothes most of the time, but when he does, he wears this. Yep...

Tear away tags. Printed in USA

The Meerkat Tee $35.00

What's in the box:

1 - Meerkat T-Shirt

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Dynaplug® Spirit Animal Pill - Tubeless Bicycle Tire Repair Kit
Dynaplug® Racer

Why waste time deciding what color Pill you want? The Meerkat will use his spirit animal capabilities to give you what you need, even if you don't know it. Say you want a black and purple, well he thinks you should get a red and blue ahhhh, ahhhh!?!?!? Picking up what we're putting down? That's right, you will receive a two tone pill of The Meerkat's choice. So uhhh... who knows what you'll get. Well, besides the Meerkat. Whewwwooooh!

Limited Lifetime Warranty - Made in USA - PAT 8,707,829

Dynaplug Spirit Animal Pill - Various Colors
What's in the box:

1 - Dynaplug® Pill tool
5 - Tire repair plugs (Soft nose tip)
2 - Insertion tubes
1 - Micro knife
1 - Air stopper
1 - Pipe cleaner

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Dynaplug® That's Whatsup Son!!! Megapill - Tubeless Bicycle Tire Repair Kit
Dynaplug® Racer

The Megapill is our biggest tool, and The Meerkat's favorite saying is: "go big or go home!!!"

Actually, he never says that...ever. C'mon SON!

So why did he choose to print his furry little face on these amazing tire plugging devices? Because he likes the way hot pink and black look against his intergalactic background. Yep, he finds it soothing, just like a large bottle of red wine. THAT'S WHATSUP SON!!!

Limited Lifetime Warranty - Made in USA - PAT 8,707,829

Dynaplug® That's Whatsup Son!!! Megapill Kit $74.99

What's in the box:

1 - Dynaplug® Megapill Tool
2 - Megaplugs
5 - Standard Plugs
2 - Megaplug insertion Tubes
5 - Standard Insertion Tubes
1 - Micro Knife
1 - Pipe Cleaner

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