Dynaplug® / Wheelie Wrench™ Pro / Hans Rey Edition
DynaDynaplug® / Wheelie Wrench™ Pro / Hans Rey Editionpplug® Pro

We've partnered with our friends at Fix to add tubeless tire puncture repair to the Wheelie Wrench Pro™.   This collaboration gives riders the first taste of Dynaplug® plugging power in a super compact multi-tool.  With  Hans Rey’s certified signature, you know the FIX + DYNAPLUG duo is a solution to have onboard.  Hans has been mountain biking in almost every far corner of our planet and is always looking for innovative ways to venture into the back county worry-free and ready for any problems that may arise.

 How do you repair a puncture? Simply thread the Dynaplug insertion tube into the WWP chain breaker and the tool becomes an ergonomic handle for inserting the plug into the puncture.  Extract; the repair plug stays in place and you’re ready to ride (add air if necessary).  If you don’t have a FIX belt, you can store the tool and repair plugs in the Dynaplug® neoprene pouch.

Tool Features
Dynaplug® SS insertion tube, soft-tip repair plugs (3), neoprene pouch
Aluminum and CR-V steel alloy construction
2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm hex wrench
Tire lever
Phillips screwdriver doubles as slotted screwdriver
8mm and 10mm open ended wrench
Rotor straightener for minor bends
Includes 11-speed quick links (SRAM or Shimano compatible)
Accepts other quick links 10-speed or greater
Presta valve core remover
Stuck Presta valve stem opener
Chain breaker for 10-speed and greater
#0 and #2 spoke wrenches
Splits in two transforming to a long wrench handle
Bottle opener
Compatibility with FIX Payload Pocket carry solutions

PAT 8,707,829

Dynaplug® / Wheelie Wrench™ Pro / Hans Rey Edition $75.00
What's in the box:

1 - Dynaplug® / Wheelie Wrench™ Pro
3 - Tire repair plugs
1 - Insertion tubes
1 - Pipe cleaner
1 - Neoprene Pouch

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