Here at Dynaplug, we pride ourselves on the development of solutions that allow for you to keep the ride going. But we recognize that all good rides must come to an end, and once your ride is over, you're going to need something to pop the top of that bottle open and celebrate with your pals! Check out our limited edition Micro Pro Libation Tool, featuring all of the Micro Pro standards: 2 insertion tubes, 5 tubeless tire repair plugs, 1 knife, 1 clearing attachment, 1 pipe cleaner; plus the addition of a bottle opener ensuring that you're covered from the start of the ride all the way to the last drop of your post-ride beverage at the trailhead. Be sure to get one while you still can and be prepared for anything, both on and off of the trails!

Limited Lifetime Warranty - Made in USA - PAT 8,707,829

Dynaplug® Micro Pro Libation Tool $59.99
What's in the box:

1 - Dynaplug® Micro Pro LT
5 - Tire repair plugs (Pointed tip)
2 - Insertion tubes
1 - Micro knife
1 - Air stopper
1 - Clearing attachment
1 - Pipe cleaner

Kit Options
General Specifications  
Tool Body Construction Billet 6061 Aluminum / Ohia hardwood inlay
Dimensions 3.12” x .875”
Weight 2.2 ounces
Insertion Tube Hardened 305 Stainless Steel
Plug Material Viscoelastic Impregnated Rubber
Plug Tip Nonabrasive Brass
Warranty Limited Lifetime
How to use Dynaplug® Micro Pro