Anthony Coneski


Where's home for you?

Beacon, NY

Describe your setup.

I'm running a Kona Process 153 with Raceface components, a Pike up front, fox shock, Shimano drive /brakes and Maxxis tires. I have never felt so comfortable on a bike. This thing rocks!

What are your top 3 favorite places to ride/race?

This is tough because I've been incredibly fortunate over the years. I truly love my local trails around Beacon which is why I live where I live. Most of the race venues on the east coast are great and I love visiting each, but for an epic experience I must go with Moab Utah, Chamonix France and Whistler BC.

What are a few of your interests outside of mountain biking?

Skiing, snowboarding, hockey, driving fast and playing in whitewater.

What's at the top of your trail bucket list?

Bucket list achieved, Moab Utah, Whistler BC, Chamonix France